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Finding the Individuals Behind the Ingredients

Today in America, technology can isolate you, entertainment can jade you, and food can kill you.

These three elements of culture fit together nicely. Technology can bring us digitally closer to the people we like and virtually “blocked/hidden” from the people we don’t.  Entertainment has become so self-aware and trying that “so bad it’s good” is often the best we can hope for.  And much of this applies to food as well: we have enough of a selection as to “block” foods we don’t like with pseudo-foods that we do, and the “so bad (for you) it’s good” rule is a cornerstone of American eating.

We can’t romanticize the past in order to explain what’s wrong with the present, but a fast-paced culture with fast food, fast communication and fast distractions forgets that our bodies don’t evolve with our culture.

We evolved to be social, active animals that eat things that come out of the ground or  things that walk on it.  We evolved to understand and work with our food. The urges to hunt, gather and grow are what lead us to become social beings in the first place. Even agriculture itself may have come as a result of the longing for that powerful social lubricant we know as alcohol. 

DIY Food is an attempt to collect the stories behind South Jersey area “slow food” and to find the individuals behind the ingredients.  So if you want to rediscover the long-lost humanity in food, to find a new food-related hobby, or to learn how to slow your food down, please read, comment, message, and suggest!


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  1. The main focus of this blog is slightly confusing, but the writing is excellent, and it’s definitely a different topic than most blogs. The posts are definitely interesting, and informative.

  2. I am really digging this blog. I had no idea about the landis bakery until now. I will surely be visiting your blog on the regular and this bakery in the near future. Also, thanks for visiting us at the SCCG. Your more than welcome to come by whenever you’d like. We very much appreiciate your interest!


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